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The Ballad of an Un-Deadpan Yankee
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Dr. Hunter S. Thompson
Being a loud-mouthed bastard can pay off from time to time. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by someone who had randomly stumbled across my ramblings, and thought that I might be interested in reviewing a game called Spartan: Total Warrior, a copy of which would be provided to me. Now, you all now I'm a big fan of free stuff, so I said sure. It had been awhile since I'd done a serious game review, so I figured what the hell? Anyway...

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Once again, it was the unique sound of the Universe cocking the "Screw With Drew" gun.

Last night, yet another one of those damn realistic dreams starring a non-existant girlfriend, woke up snuggling with a pillow. Yeah, that was AWESOME! *GRUMBLE* Then, stubbed my toe after I got up, which hurt like hell. Then, on my way into work, after waiting a good 10 minutes for the Dunkin Donuts guy to take my order at the drive thru, I flipped from one radio station to the other, and what do I hear? That damn song that became the absolute bane of my existence last year. Avril Fucking Lavigne's "Happy Ending". Another angry button stab gave me "Shiny Happy People". GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

In NaNoWriMo News, I'm up to about 21,000 words. Not where I want to be at this point. Not bad, but I had hoped to be at 25,000 at least. I'm hoping to kick it into high gear this afternoon.

On the plus side, I decided that a little retail therapy would be a good idea yesterday. I went to Best Buy and picked up both The Quick and the Dead as well as the Die Hard Trilogy on DVD for about 25 bucks combined. Cool deal. Then, after I got home, before talking to sicktodeathmx on the phone, which was cool, I played some more Guitar Hero. It continues to rawk. It's a hell of a game. If you have a PS2 and about 70 bucks, it's worth it.

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So that's about it for now. Hope that YOU GUYS are doing well.

TTFN, Dear Friends.

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Well, seeing as how a friend of mine just alerted me to THIS, I would like to share with you a concise, eloquent and meaningful expression about how I feel about Election 2004.

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